Monday, November 28, 2005


I took a week and a half off from work! Anyone who knows me realizes what a big deal that is, for me, anyway.

Went and stayed with my Mom and Dad for Thanksgiving last week. My little sister, who lives with them "temporarily" (more on that in a later post) headed out on Wednesday, so I had them to myself for three whole days. Since I haven't had that the past several times I visited, it was a real treat.

Mom's kitchen is now "complete". I installed her new stove. It is really amazing how simple they make appliances to hook up nowadays. Literally took 10 minutes. She actually has all matching appliances, including her stand mixer! First time in many years.

We didn't have Thanksgiving dinner at their house, or at my brother's house this year, rather at a friend of his. Mom, Dad and I team tackled the pies for the dinner. We made pumkin and apple. I might add, they were very tasty! The family that hosted the dinner was very gracious and friendly. The food was delicious. It was interesting to watch other folks as particular as myself pull a large dinner together. The hostess even had a folder for all of her recipes and timeline to prepare - even more extreme than me! Came off great, being that organized. Not sure if I could be that together, I thrive a little on the last minute panic before everything has to come together.

Think I need to buy a smoker. The turkey was divine. I'll tell you though, brining makes all the difference in the world when you are smoking meat. I've had some (cough cough) dry smoked turkey in my day! This one was brined and cooked properly. Very juicy and tasty.

All in all it was a peaceful week. Got to spend quality time with the folks, and with some of my brothers and sisters. Amazing that a family visit can be so stress relieving, rather than inducing. I'm back to work today and haven't actually let anything bug me!

By the way, will post a recipe or two in the next day or so, otherwise, my blog name won't make any sense!

Peace out!