Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm braggin' again

I love Georgia. The seasons come and go on time.

So, it's narcissus blogging! This one opened today in my back yard. Spring is here, all y'all!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It's official in Georgia

tonight I walked the dog in the rain
I heard
at first
bells in the distance
a hint
then nothing
then more
then again gone
round the corner I came
and a crescendo of music rolled
until nothing else could be heard
but the chirps beeps and trills
of what seemed a million
Spring is here
my friends


Well, it's done. All four wisdom teeth - gone. So far I haven't had any pain, but we'll see as the extra strength jaw numbing drugs wear off. Don't yet look like a chipmunk either, although the Dr says that swelling may not happen for a couple of days. Just in time, I'm sure, for my presentation next week.

I can just see it. Nice gray three button suit, blue shirt, cool purple tie. Shoes so shiny they make your eyes hurt. And then the introduction: "Our next presenter is Carl. Please don't make fun of his unusually large looking head, he just had some oral surgery. If you feel the need to laugh, please exit the room so you do not distract from the presentation."

Oh yeah, I'm already prepared.

Still, probably will be too afraid to look in my mouth for a few days. I can take the pain and swelling. Looking? I'm chicken.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


My mouth has gotten me into trouble again!

However, this time it has nothing to do with being blunt, outspoken, truthful or otherwise obnoxious. Proud to be these things, I am.

Regardless, my calendar looks something like this.

December 29, get teeth cleaned. January 27 get root canal. February 14 get two fillings and temporary crown. February 21? Get four wisdom teeth "extracted". Found out today that the bottom ones, due to their weird entry into my mouth - they actually are laying on their side attached to the vertical part of my jaw - have to be cut up and taken out in pieces.

Yes, young jedi, they are putting me out. Vat, you tink I crazy or someting?

Anyway, bad mouth, bad! But then, I go back March 7 and get my permanent crown. They tell me it will match my other teeth perfectly, much better than the temporary one. Sheesh, I thought I was picky about color. If you could look into my mouth, a feat reserved for a special few, you would be quite hard pressed to figure out which was the "falsy". This is way more than you can say about all the actresses in Hollywood with their falsies - much more apparent.

Anyway - gotta go pop some ibuprofen to keep down the swelling!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Most Beautiful

Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?

This is a very easy question for me to answer. Her name is Anabel. You see, I have no torn emotions about this. There is no one who will be jealous of my answer or ask, "why her, why not me?"

She's apple cheeked and brown of eye. A smile encompasses her entire face. Her hair went from dark brown to "cinnamon and sugar" to white. She definitely wore those cats eye glasses! I thought her hair was curly, for 30 years. Surprise, it's as straight as mine. Apple landing near the tree and all that.

Have you guessed?

She is sneaky smart. Yikes, she'll let you believe that she's just "la-la, la-la, la" and then ZAP, not only was she paying attention, she has the answer. We thought her husband was smart, being an Engineer and all. He is. But she's smarter. New York Times crossword puzzle gets done in less than half an hour.

What a heart this woman has. Room for one man and six children. Anything and everything has humor in it - she can find it. Nothing is so awful or terrible or sad that you can't pull a smile out of it. When you have six kids, I think you have to develop a large funny bone. It's either that, or develop a large capacity for mood elevators or anti-depressants.

She lost her first child, all grown up with five of her own. It took a long time. But she was there, steadfast, traveling back and forth as much as she could. Just being there was her duty. You see, she also knows the value in that. You don't have to "do" all the time. There isn't always a need to "say" all the time. Sometimes, you just need to "be". Try it sometime, you'll see the wisdom. After Clare died, many came. Many tears were shed, but there was a calm presence whenever Anabel was in the room. She'd lost her daughter, her firstborn, yet she projected calm and peace towards everyone there. "You'll see, it's going to be OK." Those words did not come from her mouth, rather, every hug, touch, smile, held hand, pat on the shoulder, squeezed arm, said them for her. Those that were supposed to be comforting her were comforted. And in that, so was she.

I have no idea how many meals she's cooked for her family and others. Fifty six years worth for her husband and family, this year. I don't want to do that math, I'll be feeling even more in debt to this woman. Out of all this cooking I can say that there are a few recipes that no other can touch. Apple pie. Potato salad (no vinegar here). Baked Beans - I still remember the pot she bakes them in, dark green on the outside, white inside. German chocolate cake - the only cake I want on my birthday. Macaroni and cheese - from scratch - with pork chops baked on top! Salisbury steak - Jaimie hates this, but I love it. Chicken Rice Roger - how many people do you know can take one chicken and some rice and feed eight people with leftovers? Alas, she does not do very well with broccoli. Once you smell this burned onto steel, you are done for the night.

Six kids. No wacko's. Some are stranger than others, but no one has gone to prison, gotten lost in drugs, killed anyone, or knocked off a bank. Only one divorce. Everyone can have a decent conversation with everyone else. If you don't think that's a big deal, you don't have a big family.

She's retired now. Gets to read every book she wants. Her husband does a lot of the cooking - has some catching up to do if you do the math from above. She's waiting for her youngest daughter and kids to move back out (there's a story here for later) so it can be just she and her love. Mostly, she lives a much deserved, peaceful life.

Anabel. The most beautiful woman in the world. My mom. Mumma, MOTHER, Mah. I've annoyed, disappointed, angered, hurt, and once in a while made her proud. I have no wife, no daughters. Always this woman will be the most beautiful. The most loving. The funniest.

Anabel. Even her name, from the words "Gracious Beauty", says it.

I love you mom.