Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm still here

Working too much, traveling too much. Here's some random stuff.

Saw a hummingbird poop this month. As you might guess, it was little and it was quick. The things you learn when you have bird feeders in your backyard.

I owe my best friend from childhood an email explaining how to do some stuff on Blogger - feeling guilty, will get to her email and reply, see first sentence of this post.

A friend of ours went crazy recently and we've had to make one of those hard choices I talked about way back earlier this year. He's become "the star of his own show", so to speak and is moving away anyway. Sad, but we're moving on already, life is too short to linger on this kind of stuff.

Mandevillas are growing up the line I ran from the house to the railing on the deck. These are some amazing flowers! The vines must be over 50 feet to have made it that far, in their twisting and twining way. Pink and white are definitely the way to go with these things. The gecko's have set up house in there somewhere, and that drives Copper bonkers when he gets a glimpse. Definitely a spaniel!

Loaded Sonnet's wedding pictures to the internet printer - now I just have to select and send. One step at a time.

Baked two pies on Sunday. Threw them away. Salt is important to pie crust! Don't put in too little - 1.5 teaspoons won't cut it when the recipe calls for 1.5 Tablespoons. Before you get all "eww that's too much salt" on me, the recipe is for four crusts. Baked two pies on Monday. Had two "best apple pie I ever tasted" quotes by the end of the week. Yes, I bake a mean apple pie. At least when I remember to put the right amount of salt in the crust. You want the secret to the best apple pie in the world? Use four kinds of apples. That way, you are sure to get some that taste good and some that have good texture.

Been digging in the dirt regularly too. This is our fifth summer in the Atlanta area. Anyone need some crocosmia bulbs? Yikes these things multiplied. I mean, they look pretty when they bloom and all, but I don't need 600 of them. Oh well, most folks complain that they can't get things to grow so I'll just share them around the neighborhood.

By the way, you know what planting fall bulbs really is?

Planting promises for spring.

Posting again sooner, I promise.