Thursday, December 15, 2005

First Tagging

OK, I'm still new at this, so forgive me. I've been tagged by my nephew's wife. Is there such a thing as "niece in-law"? Ah well, let's just call her my niece. By the way, I'm much too young to really be his and her uncle. Really, WAY too young.

Anyway......10 things about me heretofore unknown.

1. I want to be a nightclub singer. A piano, a mic, and a spotlight = heaven.

2. I dislike Emeril Lagasse.

3. Someday, I will write a book. There are far too many words and situations meandering around my braincase. I fear that they will begin to fall out unannounced.

4. I cried the day Julia Child died.

5. My dad allowed me to sit with him when he was studying in college. My other siblings did not appreciate this special treatment. Attempted murder, scarring, and general pulling of hair usually ensued after such treatment. Remarkably, we survived this and all still speak to each other.

6. My parents think I am going to hell. They love me, but honestly believe this. It puts a sadness in our relationship that I would banish if I could. They, however, are unwilling to change, and I am what I am.

7. I am a slob. I appear to be neat to keep the peace in my home. But when the cat's away, the house is a mess!

8. I am a hopeless romantic. I wear my heart on my sleeve. My devil may care attitude is just cover.

9. I wish that I could quit my job today. I work very hard. Give all I can when I am there. I excel at what I do. I feel needed, necessary even. Wouldn't miss it for a second if I left.

10. Going to send in a tape for "The Next Food Network Star" next year. I figure it's worth a shot.